Keshet Be'anan (Rainbow), run by Valerie Chikly, is  situated in the green  heart of  Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu near Kfar Saba, north east of Tel Aviv, surrounded by  trees , wide-spread lawns and a picnic area offering  fun and educational  day trips for groups of children aged 2-10 years, combined with  original puppet shows.

Groups can spend a few exciting hours close to nature picking oranges, learning how bread is made, how sheep's wool turns into clothing, visiting the animal farm, experiencing  our five senses  or learning about the food we eat and why it is important to ensure a clean environment , as well as enjoying  a puppet show in the air-conditioned puppet theatre..  

Keshet Be'anan also offers a  number of creative activities and workshops with a strong leaning to nature and bygone crafts such as:

Making perfume from fragrant plants

 Pounding flowers to print their colours on material

Making cheese and butter

Spinning and weaving wool

Threshing and grinding wheat

Basket making

 Writing with quill pens using colours made from nature

Making corn dollies

Creating creatures out of found natural materials

Rock painting

and many more.

The day trips, puppet shows and creative activities are suitable for school classes and for birthday parties.

All shows and activities are available on Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu or can travel to any destination in Israel.

All shows and activities are available in English or Hebrew

Valerie Chikly is a professional puppeteer who teaches puppetry and designs and creates puppets to order.  She performs her original puppet shows in her theatre on Kibbutz Nir Eliyahu and all over Israel. She has performed in Prague, Ankara and Glasgow.


For more information please contact Valerie at 972-50-7962362 or at